The truth about Morphe Brushes….

This blog has been sitting in my draft for the last two weeks because exam fever had hit and literally took over my life. During that time my Morphe brushes arrived and all I could do was sit and look at them but I snuck a few uses inbetween just to test out the quality of the brushes with the current hype surrounding it. There is a lot of controversy surrounding Morphe at the moment with the quality of their products and the way in which they use YouTuber’s to constantly push products at viewers. So what is all the fuss about? Carry on reading to find out my thoughts on the quality and controversy…

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About Morphe Brushes

Morphe offer the must-have cosmetic tools and palettes that are California’s answer to effortless beauty. Their bold colours hold serious staying power – undoubtedly the reason that the brand is a favourite of beauty bloggers worldwide. For the ultimate professional experience, combine Morphe’s brushes with their best-selling palettes; where flawless brushes meet flawless colour and formulas.

Where to purchase:

  • South Africa: IG: @makeupnetworks

Shipping: R99

  • UK:

Shipping: £7

  • USA:

Shipping: $23

Brushes I purchased:

  • M124 – $4.99
  • M441 – $5.99
  • M506 – $5.99
  • M507 – $5.99
  • R33 – $4.99
  • R34 – $7.99
  • R35 – $7.99
  • R41 – $4.99
  • R43 – $4.99

unnamed (13)

About the individual brushes:

  • M441- One of the most popular Morphe brushes, this tapered crease brush has just the right amount of fullness and firmness to achieve perfect blending and seamless transitions between colors. A go-to crease brush is a staple in a well-rounded collection of eye brushes, and this brush is a great choice for makeup lovers at every skill level.
  • R33- Dense brush with a round, tapered tip that lets you tap in concealer and place product precisely in smaller areas such as the under-eye and around the nose.
  • M507- This slim brush tapers to a fine point for a light, wispy application of color. It can be used to blend out harsh edges or deposit small amounts of color in targeted areas.
  • R35-Slender blending brush with a domed tapered tip for detailed crease work. Perfect for smaller and hooded eyes.
  • R43- A short dense brush that is perfect for smudging out eyeliner. It can also be used to press product into small areas.
  • M506- This tapered brush has a very small head and a light touch for controlled blending.
  • R41-A short, dense bullet-headed natural brush that’s perfect for packing color into the crease or outer “V”, and can also be used to buff out the lower lash line.
  • R34-Slender, tapered blending brush with a slightly pointed tip for precise placement. Perfect for lightly blending a cut crease look.
  • M124- Firm shadow brush

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In my opinion:

These brushes are great for the price but not the best brushes in the world neither are they the worst. None of my brushes from morphe have shed so far or broken and I haven’t washed them as yet so I’m hoping they stay that way…

The brushes tend to be a bit scratchy, in particular the M506 and M507, and not smooth and fluffy as how I’d liked or heard them to be. They are good brushes and  they are priced right. They blend well as any brush would and the handles are the perfect size. They are gorgeous and stunning especially the rose gold collection.

I found that the rose gold collection is a bit more well made, the quality of the brush hairs are better and the application is better as well. The rose gold collection is more fluffy and blends like a total dream. The M441 is my favorite out of all as it lends to the perfect blinding highlight. The packed dense bristles allows for the highlighter to be intensified and blinding.

I would recommend these brushes to anyone starting out, who wants to learn makeup application and practice as its cheap and the quality is quite good for the price. For clients I would rather use Sigma Beauty and Mikasa Beauty brushes as it is higher quality and comes with a warranty. I personally don’t see the hype but I do know a lot of customers brushes have shed and the brush heads have come apart but I guess only time will tell if mine do the same.

The controversy is that big YouTuber’s promote these brushes to be their holy grail and their loyal subscribers go out and buy it only to be disappointed. Big YouTuber’s will use a $5 brush with a $60 foundation and claim that it is the best brush in the world….it really isn’t unfortunately.

If you own any Morphe Brushes let me know your views on the brand and the brushes.

Any concerns or queries comment down below or pop me an email.

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